All about holiday homes in the UK

If you’d told me a few years ago that I would be writing about holiday homes in the UK I would have laughed at you. I work in Britain’s overseas property industry, specifically in the area of selling holiday homes and holiday investment properties around the world to British buyers. Returns have always been the focus of my work; rental yields and potential capital growth. Well, it just so happens that now, holiday homes in the UK offer some of the best rental returns of holiday properties all around the world. It is somewhat of a perfect storm for demand on UK holiday homes.
On one hand we have growing demand from the domestic population. This is not only because of financial constraints, but also because people are becoming more environmentally aware, and know that airlines are the biggest gas guzzlers of all. On top of that foreign demand is also growing, not least because of current foreign exchange rates; with Stirling at an all time low against a whole host of currencies, including the Euro and the US Dollar, holidays in Britain are much cheaper than normal for people from affected countries. Owners of UK holiday homes are therefore finding demand to be strong and occupancy good. The fact that UK house prices have fallen quite a bit, which increases rental yields for those buying recently, and you have the completed picture of a perfect storm in the UK holiday lettings scene.

Many buyers prefer to stay in the UK for their holidays for many different reasons; possibly they don’t like the heat of the sun or prefer not to fly. Whilst most of us cannot wait to jet off somewhere warm to discover pastures new the UK does have some truly beautiful areas including the delights of Devon and Cornwall, the Cotswolds, the Lake District and we have to mention the amazing landscapes of Scotland and Wales. Let’s be honest if the UK had amazing weather how many of us would want to leave it?

However this is a different type of person who prefers to invest in holiday homes in the UK this person wants to escape the rigours of hectic working weeks and on Fridays at 5pm wants to jump in the car and leave the rat race behind even if it is only for a couple of days – its great! Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend away? Can you imagine being able to have a weekend away each and every weekend? Long weekends that cover Bank Holidays can be taken at your favourite place, your weekend retreat, sounds fabulous and it is. So you have to ask yourself when you have this type of option at your fingertips, does the weather really matter that much?

Within a few hours of leaving your usual home base, you could be by the beach listening to the rolling waves or enjoying the landscapes of mountains and simply breathing in fresh air. As we are an Island we have plenty of coastlines to head off too and inland we are lucky with National Parks some stunning Stately Homes and Castles to explore. We also need to take into account some investors live in these rural areas and their need is probably one of excitement with lots to see and do, and they head for the cities for their time out. Our UK cities have so much to offer, London, Manchester, Edinburgh to name a few are the places to go for a fun filled time. Museums, art galleries, concerts, exhibitions, theatres, opera and ballet are all there simply waiting for you to enjoy.
Where do you live? What do you like to do on your weekends off? You can hop on a ferry to Ireland or fly it’s less than an hour away. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a wonderful place the UK is, we may be a small Island however it’s packed with beauty and our heritage and culture is second to none, you only have to look at how many foreign tourists visit year on year from around the globe. Buckingham Palace and all the pomp and pageantry that we take for granted is admired and respected by tourists from other countries. Stratford upon Avon is a favourite and those who travel there come to pay their respects to the literally genius of William Shakespeare.